Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.Who will be the volunteers/ mentors?

A: Mentors are the volunteers who are at the intermediate or advance level in English.

Q.What is the minimum qualification for joining the course?

A: There is no as qualification requirement. Anybody who can speak fluent English can join.

Q.Is there any age limit for that course?

A: There are no restrictions w.r.t age or gender.

Q. Are there any fees for this?

A: There are no charges or any fees to be paid or received either by student or teacher.

Q. Can we opt for the preferred student on gender basis?

A: We will be providing female mentors for female students and male mentors to male students in majority cases.

Q. What will be the timings?

A: As per the convenience and availability of phone of student and mentor, either one-hour audio call per week or 30 minutes audio call twice the week.

Q. Can we make more than 1 call in a week if we are not able to complete the lesson?

A: Yes definitely.

Q: Can we make more than 1 call in a week if student wants to learn more?
A: Yes definitely.


Q. What will be the duration of the course?

A: 15 weeks course.(Basically 15 hours minimum)

Q. Who will initiate the session?

A: Mentors/Teachers will initiate or make the audio call.

Q. Will there be any video call?

A: No, video calls on any platform are strictly restricted.

Q. What will be the mode of calling?

A: Audio call only on normal phone call.(No Whatsapp Audio call)

Q. Will certificates be given at the end of 3 months or 15 weeks?
A: Yes, after proper delivery of the session and after reviewing the performance of the volunteer certificates shall be definitely given.